Wildflower or Wild-Terrain Tour

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

In a year of just the right conditions, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park comes alive in kaleidoscopic color as the wildflowers bloom.

Wildflower season — when there are flowers — generally runs from late February through most of March. Please note, however, that when dealing with nature, nothing is a given. The right mix of rain, sunshine, temperature (and not too much wind) is needed for the flowers to thrive.

This tour’s itinerary will depend on bloom and other conditions. We will highlight what we believe to be the best of the season. In the event of no or few flowers, there are many magnificent features of this desert state park to share with visitors, such as canyons, oases and badlands. So whether it’s wildflowers and/or wild terrain, what we can promise you is an awesome and educational time as you explore Anza-Borrego!

The 5-hour tours include lunch, while the 2.5-hour ones include a snack. Iced lemon water and cups or bottles will be available on every tour.

These public excursions (you join other people) will either go out in a military vehicle or the off-roading van. Please pay attention to the label used on the online calendar to see which vehicle type has been assigned to each tour. If you choose the military option, note that the particular vehicle (troop carrier or small military truck) assigned to the tour will be based on capacity and availability.

Adult (13 and Up) – $180 for 5 hours OR $115 for 2.5 hours

Child (12 and under) – $105 for 5 hours OR $85 for 2.5 hours

Don’t want to take a public tour with other people? Then sign up for a private tour instead, and tell your guide that you want to see the wildflowers. To get the latest bloom updates, call the park’s Wildflower Hotline: (760) 767-4684.

Experience the desert in all its glory!

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