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When you’re in the San Diego backcountry, it may feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. And there’s a good reason for that — you kind of are! But rest assured, there are a great deal of amenities within all this open space: lodging for all tastes and budgets, a wide variety of restaurants, challenging golf courses, horseback rides and other exciting activities.

Perhaps you want to know if there’s a comfortable place to stay for the night in Borrego Springs after your desert adventure. Or maybe you want to find out about all the romantic or fun things to do in Julian. The information and links below will help you plan your trip and maximize your desert or mountain experience with us.

Keep in mind that Borrego Springs is the heart of our Desert Tours, and Julian is about 45 minutes away.

Things to do in Borrego Springs and Julian:

Borrego Springs is an unincorporated town of San Diego County that is surrounded by Anza-Borrego Desert State Park’s 600,000+ acres. There is not a single stoplight in town, yet Borrego Springs provides the gateway to many biking, hiking, camping, stargazing and off-road adventures!

Craving open space, peace and solitude? You’ll find it here. Want to see more stars than you’ve ever thought imaginable? Kick back, look up and prepare to be amazed. As one of only a handful of International Dark Sky Communities, Borrego Springs protects its night skies from light pollution. Plus, it’s surrounded on three sides by mountains and 30 miles off into the distance by the vastness of the Salton Sea, all of which naturally shield it from humans’ artificial lights and make it a stargazer’s dream come true.

Averaging over 300 days of sunshine a year and with very low humidity, Borrego Springs provides a warm, sunny and starry getaway.

One of the most unique tourist attractions in Borrego Springs are the fascinating metal sculptures created by Ricardo Breceda and funded by the generous benefactor (now deceased) Dennis Avery. Dotted throughout the valley, most of these remarkable sculptures represent prehistoric animals that once thrived in the area. Others are pure whimsy, but all are inspired by the area and desert environment. The majority of the 130 sculptures are easy to explore by car and foot at various points off of Borrego Springs Road.

For golf enthusiasts, there are many public golf courses to choose from, including Rams Hill, Borrego Springs Resort, The Springs at Borrego and the par-3 course at The RoadRunner Club.

We’re biased, but we think the best thing to do in Borrego Springs is to take a desert tour with California Overland Desert Excursions!

Julian is charming mountain getaway located about an hour and twenty minutes from downtown San Diego. It is a historic former gold-mining village, featuring a quaint downtown with Western facades and many historical sites to explore. Though the town’s gold rush was brief, as most were, the people who stayed in the area turned to farming and discovered that apples flourished in Julian. Ever since, Julian has become famous for its apples, apple pies and ciders. Apple picking is a popular tourist attraction in Julian in the fall.

Unlike most parts of San Diego County, snow falls in Julian and there are four distinct seasons. The Julian area is a beautiful place for hiking, mountain biking and just enjoying the fresh air.

From horseback riding to gold mining museums to shopping downtown, Julian offers many delightful ways to spend the day or weekend. If you’re in the area from late May through November.

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