Our Vehicles

Vehicle Options for Our Excursions …

cj7-jeep-desert-tourJeep CJ7: Open-air Jeep that seats 2 passengers. It is lifted and requires some dexterity to enter and exit. But once you’re inside, it’s the ultimate safari vehicle!

renegade-desert-tourJeep Renegade Trailhawk: Enclosed, climate-controlled Jeep that seats up to 4 passengers; easy to get in and out of; smooth suspension

small-truck-tourSmall military truck: Open-air military truck with cushioned side seating; holds up to 8 passengers; made for rugged fun

Excursion Van: Off-roading van that is enclosed and climate-controlled; holds up to 11 passengers. A fun, comfortable way to travel together in all kinds of weather!

large-truck-tourLarge military truck: Open-air military troop carrier with forward-facing, upholstered seats. Its 10-wheel drive gets you anywhere; holds up to 14 passengers. (We have 2 of these large trucks.)

So, are you ready to roll? We’ve got your wheels — let’s move on out!

California Overland Desert Excursions
1233 Palm Canyon Drive
Borrego Springs, CA 92004
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