Badlands Adventure: 2.5 Hours

Short Wash, Vista del Malpais

2.5-Hour Badlands Adventure – Shortest, Most Affordable Excursion

$100 adults, $55 kids (Healthy Snacks)

This off-road adventure gives you a fun taste of the desert in a shorter time frame. You’ll explore the surreal badlands — colorful sedimentary formations carved by wind and water erosion into strange shapes.

Stop under the shade of a large palo verde tree for a snack, and learn how various plants adapt to their desert environment.

Then see a mud cave from afar and have the option to explore it up close.

Climb back in the vehicle for a thrilling run through the badlands on your way to a breathtaking overlook (either Vista del Malpais or Font’s Point). You’ll see the chiseled labyrinth of the eroded badlands below, as the interplay of light and shadow works its magic from above.

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