Split Mountain: 5 Hours

Split Mountain

Split Mountain: 5 Hours – A More Rugged Adventure

$180 adults, $95 kids (Lunch)

NOTE: Participants must be in good physical health, as this is a moderately strenuous excursion with a one-mile uphill hike over areas of loose rock.

Explore a landscape of stark beauty and dramatic geology …

On this off-road excursion, you’ll rumble into Split Mountain with its tremendous rock formations. Fault activity, a former stream and massive flooding have literally torn this mountain range in half — creating a formidable canyon of towering rock walls.

A one-mile trek uphill rewards the hiker with arrival at the wind caves. Resembling ancient Native American dwellings, the wind caves were actually formed by erosion. Here lunch is served on the promenade of one cave with panoramic views of the mazelike desert below.

Discover this terrain of colossal geologic forces and stunning vistas.

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