Private Tours

Just you and your guide — and a wide-open desert to explore. Within the parameters of time and distance traveled, we will work with you to chart a custom tour for a personal experience you’ll never forget! At the base of this page, take a quick look at some of your tour options. Not sure where you’d like to go? No problem. We can set the course. It’s what we do.

Our online reservation system allows you to book a private tour for two in the Jeep for either 2.5 hours or 5 hours. If you’d like to do an 8-hour tour instead or a private tour for three or more people, please call us for prices and to make reservations. Large parties, such as corporate, school or wedding groups, should check out our Private Group Events page.

So, are you ready to roll? We’ve got your wheels — let’s move on out!


Duration Couple Couple w/One Child
2.5 hours $295 $325
5 hours $475 $550
8+ hours $675 $750

Note: A child’s fare is for children 3 to 12 years old.

Sample Itineraries

2.5-hour tour (includes snacks & iced lemon water)

ca-desert-badlands-tourBadlands Adventure: Ride through the surreal badlands, stop and explore a mud cave, and enjoy the spectacular view from Font’s Point, which is sure to take your breath away!



IMG_2571 - Hawk C REVISEDCanyon Adventure: Hike into “The Slot,” a mysterious and very narrow slot canyon formed by water erosion. Then have a snack under a desert ironwood tree in a beautiful multi-hued box canyon — Hawk Canyon.



5-hour tour (includes hearty lunch & iced lemon water)

joe-slot-canyon-hike-660Font’s Point North: Hike into a slot canyon, take in the vastness of a dry lake bed surrounded by colorful mountains, off-road through the mazelike desert badlands, and experience the incredible view from Font’s Point — one of the best-kept secrets in the Southwest.


truck-split-mountain-660Split Mountain: Earthquakes and massive flooding have literally torn this mountain in half — resulting in an enormous slot canyon with towering rock walls. Hike one mile uphill to the strangely beautiful wind caves, where we’ll have lunch. Colossal geologic forces have created fascinating rock formations for you to explore.


exploring-sheep-canyon-400Sheep Canyon: Hike into a canyon oasis of native fan palm groves, cascading pools of water, sycamore trees and ferns. Getting to this cool and inviting place is half the fun! You’ll traverse stream crossings in the Jeep and then hang on to your seats as the Jeep faces a challenging off-road rock climb up the infamous Bypass Road. This is a seasonal tour available from October 1 to May 31.


blair-valley-tour-400Blair Valley: Visit an ancient Kumeyaay Indian village site and discover morteros — holes bored into rock surfaces that the women of the tribe used to grind seeds and acorns into flour. Later, a moderate one-mile hike through a garden-like landscape of large boulders, juniper trees and yucca leads to a sacred rock where pictographs stand out vividly in their natural pigments. Their meaning remains a mystery to this day.


ca-overland-truck-star-gazing-660Sunset-to-Stars: Get the best of both worlds: a daytime excursion with remarkable sunset colors, followed by the splendor of the stars. Off-road through the badlands and out to the spectacular overlook at Font’s Point. At a remote homestead site at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains, watch the sunset and enjoy wine and a casual dinner. As the stars come out, kick back in camp chairs and watch why USA Today has called Anza-Borrego Desert State Park a “stargazer’s paradise.”

8-hour tour (includes hearty lunch & iced lemon water)

For the 8-hour tours, you can explore farther along any of the 5-hour routes.

You can also piece together highlights from different tour routes — as long as those features are not too far apart. Tell us what you’re looking to see, and we’ll create a custom itinerary that’s a great fit!

Have more than three people? GREAT! We’d love to put together a private tour package for your group, fitting the vehicle and itinerary specifically to your needs.

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