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Mystical, otherworldly, gorgeous: That is the desert at night. The moon arcs across the sky, meteors pierce the black, planets roam among the countless stars, and our own galaxy slowly whirls above. You don’t want to miss this stuff! Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, because of its mountain ranges and remote location, is what USA Today has called "a stargazer’s paradise."

Come camp under the stars with us, and enjoy a telescope viewing and gourmet food! About once a month, we offer a Celestial Overnight in which we partner with an astronomer to provide you with a unique luxury camping experience. The trip kicks off with a 3-hour daytime excursion through the badlands and out to the amazing overlook at Font’s Point. After dinner, settle back and enjoy the stars as your astronomer takes you on a fascinating tour of the night sky with his telescope.

We provide and set up all the camping gear — and do all the cooking. It’s delicious food! How about fresh salmon, tri-tip beef or vegetarian fare all cooked on the open fire? Don’t forget the sides, s’mores, wine and hot breakfast the next morning. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that will create lasting memories! Book a spot on an upcoming camping trip and experience the night sky like you’ve never seen it before!

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The Overnight Excursions
The Overnight Excursions
The Overnight Excursions
The Overnight Excursions
The Overnight Excursions
The Overnight Excursions

If you leave before dark, you’ll miss the desert’s entire second performance!

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The Overnight Excursions

This remote campsite is a rarely visited place at the foot of the majestic Santa Rosa Mountains. It was once a homestead area and features sand dunes and tamarisk trees. After dinner we gather around the fire to share wine and s’mores — along with stories and laughter. Tiki torches and oil lanterns provide enough light for you to find your way without detracting from the natural ambiance or the show above.