Roughing it at its finest.
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Mystical, otherworldly, gorgeous; that is the desert at night. As the rose and amber glow of twilight yields to moon or Milky Way the desert shows it’s other personality. The air cools, land features pale and become silent sentinels in the distance — and the sky performs! The moon arcs across the sky, meteors pierce the black, planets roam amongst the countless stars, constellations move above the horizon like performers coming on stage, and our own galaxy slowly whirls above. You don’t want to miss this stuff! And after a fun and exciting day exploring why let it end at dusk?

California Overland makes it easy to experience all this. We provide the camping gear; tents, cots, air mattresses, warm sleeping bags with liners and camp chairs. And, we do all the cooking. It’s delicious food too! How about fresh salmon or tuna, London broil or tri-tip beef, or vegetarian fare all cooked on the open fire. Or maybe the kids would like to roast premium hot dogs on a skewer themselves. Tasty sides too, and top it off with smores, of course. Then settle back and perhaps listen to some soft guitar,* or take a night hike, or just relax under an amazing desert sky. What a wonderful way to celebrate a full day exploring the desert’s majesty on a specially selected excursion.

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California desert overnight tour.
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The Overnight Excursions
The Overnight Excursions
The Overnight Excursions
The Overnight Excursions
The Overnight Excursions
The Overnight Excursions
The Overnight Excursions

If you leave before dark you’ll miss the desert’s
entire second performance!

Photo courtesy of Erin Ashley
© Mammana,
Photo courtesy of Frank & Evylyn Refeurzo

The Overnight Excursions

There’s a primal appeal to gathering around a campfire where
a great meal is shared along with stories, laughter and perhaps
some mellow guitar music. This is a time when one feels a profound connection to our ancestors, the land and to each other. And, it’s the perfect way to round out a day spent exploring the wonders of the desert.